Friday, March 5, 2010

End of the Layoff

Sorry folks... Couldn't + didn't blog for a long time due to personal, academic and medical reasons. Its been almost half an year since my last post and a lot have gone past in that window...

I'll try to break things up about what I remember. Please excuse my memory, it became very weak towards the end of 2009.

Cricket - The most boring of all the happening sports in the last six months. There were a couple of good tests every now and then, but overall, the Indian soil cricket spoiled the whole scenario. India continued playing Sri Lanka like it was getting up in the morning and going to brush teeth. Australia victored emphatically over Pakistan and W.I, both of whom tried desperately to win atmost one match of the series...failed to so so. The Kiwis hosted Pakistan for a good series that saw Bond and Asif return to cricket. Bond was there in cricket, but the bunch of bigwigs sitting 

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