Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you, NBA

Apart from the Lakers franchise team, there are a few other people whom I have to thank for this wonderful season!


1. KD - thank you for the mercurial rise in your performance, breaking up umpteen franchise records in an unbelieavable fashion. I became an instant fan of you before the end of November


2. OKC - thank you for showing what young blood can do... Russel and Thabo, apart from KD, will get the special mention. I'm pretty sad that you had to draw up the Lakers for the first round playoff matchup, but it has been a great season, nevertheless.


3. Blazers - hundreds of injuries, throwing the team out of balance, but still, you managed to pull victories after victories and showed why you are a great ball team... Roy, Alridge, Jamal, and also, Camby, Miller, thank you...


4. Amare in the desert - Thank you Suns, for holding on to Amare... he has been phenominal with Nash, and separating the two would've been a sin!


5. Hawks - Thank you, primarily for bashing the Celtics 4-0 in the regular season, but I was an instant fan oof the Hawks, that boasted of J-smoove, Bibby, Crawford, Horford and the accurate Joe Johnson! i hope you go further up the ladder in the playoffs


6. Celtics - thank you for your superb home record!!! :-P lol .. as a laker, LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVED IT :-)


7. Vinsanity - Thank you, for signing up with the perfect team to lend your brilliance to something brilliant :-)


8. Nets - Thank you, for bringing up so many surprises this season...the biggest of all on the unforgettable 27th of Feb, 2010...Lakers and Celtics fan would remember the day with different moods associated to it :-)


9. Heat -Thank you, for two of the best regular season matches against the Lakers, without which the season would've been lacking something big


10. Thank you, Derek Rose, Deron Williams, Rondo for taking the status of PG to a whole new level....



Special thanks to David Stern and all the franchise managers to sign in the superb (winning) set of rookies, primarily, Curry, Evans, Ty, Heavy-D, Omri and Thabeet! they have been phenominal... Special mention about the D-league call ups, and one name which i cannot forget for than one shot that he made, Sundiata Gaines. jerry, please keep him signed in for the years to come..



Well now, its time to Win or Go Home!

April 17th, let the playoffs begin!



Where will amazing happen this year? Repeat??? Hell yeah!