Sunday, March 8, 2009

What happened to NZ tracks????

What has happened over the past two or three years in the New Zealand Isles???? So many 300+ scores!!! There was a period when 200 was defendable. Now, 350 ain't safe!!!

Almost all pitches seem to have been reformed. As it is most NZ grounds are small, which is enough help for the batsmen. I haven't seen much grass on the pitch at all... Those Tuffey, Nash, Cairns, Doull days when the Kiwi pace battery was feared for their swing and pace together are gone. Though the Kiwi pace attack is still good, the swing factor seems to be missing. NZCA seems to be letting go off their "home advantage". More batsmen whacking the ball all over, like crazy... But, there still are bowlers who'd love to have a few slips to feed, with new ball in hand!!! 9 out of top 10 scores on Kiwi tracks have been scored since 2007 Jan!!! The only other entry is atleast 5 years stale!

Somehow, if the tracks are back to their kiwi best,then cricket would be even more interesting in the best ever place to play the game on earth... New Zealand is literally, Heaven on Earth! Breathtaking backdrop, flush green field, wonderful stadium, mind boggling weather conditions and not but not the least, a superb cricket team with a league of fantastic fans right behind them.

Wishing for Kiwis to fly sky high!!!

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