Saturday, March 7, 2009

NBA, regular season

Lakers on top of the Western by a mile's distance over spurs.

Cleveland and Celtics are very close atop the Western.

West won All Stars (Phoenix) in style and Nate Robinson, won the Slam Dunk Contest!!! Surprised? Yes? NO? I wanna see the expression on your face after the little fella dunked over 'superman' MAGICian Dwight Howard!!!!

All and more on NBA's website... Too many games, so too difficult toupdate you all on the day to day happenings.

Some other notable news -

CLE are on their way to the best regular season finish record at home. They are currently 27-1 at home. Their 24 or so streak at Quicken's Arena was broken by the Lakers.

Bynum, Garnett, Stoudemire are injured presently. Stoudemire, till the end of the season.

Wade is the top scorer by far, followed by Le Bron. And, the best voted All-Star, Dwight Howard has been the best with rebounding...

Utah Jazz has had this sudden sprng in form, winning 11 of their last 12 games since Feb- 1st. This has boosted them to the 6th spot.

With Amare missing, Sun will have a tough time. They are 9th and need to put in some effort to reach the zone in which the Mavs, Hornets, Jazz and Blazers are fighting a close battle.

Close season this is gonna be for sure...

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