Monday, March 14, 2011

A Cup of Two Worlds

Routine Activities of a Group-B team (INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA, ENGLAND, WEST INDIES, BANGLADESH, NEDERLANDS, IRELAND) in the World Cup :-

05.45 am - Wake up.

06.15 am - Assemble in the hotel gymnasium for treadmill jogs. Half an hour.

06.30 am - Quench thirst with recommended drink (with 45 essential minerals, vitamins, etc ect).

06.45 am - Break, take bath.

07.00 am - Breakfast. Cannot question the menu.

07.30 am - Yoga and Team bonding exercise.

08.00 am - Stretches and exercises in the open.

09.00 am - Game practice.

11.20 am - Decide strategy for the match.

11.30 am - Break, freshen up.

12.00 noon - Leave for the stadium.

12.20 pm - Decide strategy again, break your head over how this match will affect the consequences of other matches in the group, how net run rate is more important than a loo-break, how a tie affecting QF chances is more crucial than the bird that flew over your head and almost pecked you, and find out how you could end up not earning a QF berth by reading a couple of newspaper articles.

12.45 pm - enter the ground and practice, inspect pitch, meet captain, discuss the pitch, update strategies, scare opponents, wave at fans, earn neutral fans, pray pray pray.

02.00 pm - Toss, update strategies again. Shake hands if the team wins the toss, curse the coin if not.

02.20 pm - National Anthem

02.30 pm - Game time, 1st innings

06.00 pm - Half-time analysis, post-mortem of the pitch after 3.5 hours of play, update strategy, build up the killer instinct for the 2nd half

06.45 pm - Game time, 2nd innings

10.45 pm - End of game. Celebrate hard if on the victory side (it's almost one hand on the QF berth) and talk confident in the interviews, or, just look stunned (QF spot is slipping) and be diplomatic and convincing in the interviews.

11.10 pm - team meeting, discuss probabilities and chances of QF spot considering best and worst case scenarios. make sure 3 pencils, a calculator and 3 pairs of batteries are available for the calculations.

11.45 pm - board the bus to hotel on the request made by stadium authorities to vacate the stadium.

12.15 am - Reach hotel, complete calculation in hotel lobby. Sigh of relief, there are still possibilities. Hi-fives all around and go to room.

12.30 am - log into twitter. Apologise and promise in the tweet if on the losing side, thank fans for support if on the winning side.

12.45 am - sleep.

- - - - - - - - -

Routine Activities of a Group-A team (AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA, KENYA, ZIMBABWE, CANADA) in the World Cup :-

06.45 am - Alarm rings, snoozed.

07.15 am - give up snoozing, and wake up.

07.30 am - breakfast. Eat all your favourite delicacies, and make an early order for lunch, including the favourite ice-cream flavour clearly mentioned.

08.00 am - go walking with the team, sign autographs.

08.30 am - Jacuzzi.

09.00 am - Tweet about your favourite meal of the day, upload photographs, reply to followers, share jokes.

10.00 am - practice.

11.00 am - break from practice.

11 30 am - watch TV, listen to the news predictions about match, change channel, repeat process.

12 noon - lunch.

12.20 pm - dessert.

12.45 pm - Bus to stadium

01.00 pm - Strategy, team bonding, pitch inspection etc etc etc.

01.10 pm - practice

01.50 pm - sign autographs, tweet about the beautiful stadium, appreciate the dressing room air conditioner, talk to former cricketers and legends.

02.00 pm - toss... Indifferent attitude about the toss... grounds are new, anyway.

02.20 pm - national Anthem

02.30 pm - game time

02.45 pm - turn on TV in the dressing room, if free...

03.00 pm - break TV with whatever in sight, because of some lame reason.

03.30 pm - watch match from dressing room balcony. tweet about boredom.

06.00 pm - end of first innings, yawn, tweet, eat dinner.

06.45 pm - go into the field with as as-a-matter-of-fact-guess-who-is-going-to-win attitude.

09.45 pm - end of game. good presentation ceremony and interview, all scripts well prepared 4 weeks ago for every game, no way the scripts can go wrong there, very neat speeches.

10.00 pm - reach hotel before fans can leave the stadium.

10.30 pm - eat your favourite dessert, just to forget the win, or to celebrate the win. Walk around the hotel, meet fans, appreciate the monument, buy new goods, tweet about it, sing in the hotel, party atmosphere.

11.00 pm - tweet "good night ya all" and sleep.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. :) so true of this world cup.. :)

  2. "03.00 pm - break TV with whatever in sight" Best :P

  3. i was afraid u were not gonna include the "break TV" thingy,but thank god u did :P

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