Thursday, October 28, 2010

And the 8th team on IPL4 is....

Which team will be selected to feature in the IPL4?

IPL4 was supposed to have 10 teams... But too much of Gandhiji, Benjamin Franklin and the Queen's face on paper had been flooding in and out of the business... SOOOOO, some teams have failed to make the cut... The event which might have been longer than an Indian summer, was hit by a speed bump! Now, the IPL roster is down to 7 teams, and is desperate to have 8 on it... It was an emotional termination of the Kochi team. Terminating it and asking it to return with a convincing statement on "why it shouldn't be scrapped"...

Assuming BCCI is on the lookout for a new franchise, which one can it be?

Let me help you with a few options...

1. Ziro pointZero
2. Viruddhachalam Captain(s) (to be pronounced as "Gabtun(s)")
3. Udupi Caterers
4. Tirupur Adidas
5. Tezpur Snails
6. Salem Witches
7. Ranchi MSDs
8. Kavaratti Islanders
9. PortBlair Andamans
10. Patiala Paaji s
11. Ooty Coolers
12. Nangal WaterPowers
13. Mambalam Mosquitos
14. Moradabad BrassSmiths
15. Mahabalipuram Rockers
16. Leh SnowLeopards
17. Ludhiana Sweaters
18. Kota wannabe-IITians
19. Karaikkudi Chettiyars
20. Jallandhar Lions
21. Howrah Bridgies/Bridgemen/Bridge Players
22. GANGtok Policemen
23. Dholka Dhoklas
24. Dhanbad Miners
25. Cuddalore SeaMonsters
26. Bhuj Earthshakers
27. Nagari Trekkers
28. Anand Milkmen
29. Aligarh Grads
30. Nilgiri Rangers
31. Mughal-e-Agra
32. Secunderabad Seconds
33. Queens of Jhansi
34. Cuttack Kathaks
35. Darjeeling Chaiwalas
36. Rampuri Churis
37. Lucknow Badshahs
38. Ujjain Observers
39. Allapuzha (coco)nuts
40. Panaji (Cashew)Nuts
41. Patna Farmacies
42. if Jaipur comes back, it'll be Jaipur Pinkies
43. Chandigarh TriStates
44. Madurai BullFighters (or, Jallikattu)
45. Porbadar Peacemakers
46. Kolar Goldies
47. Chandrapur Powerplays
48. Cochin Backwaters would've been nice... but, unfortunately, buri nazar lag gayi
49. Shimla Capsicums
50. Konark Suns
51. Kharagpur Platforms
52. A foreign team on IPL4 will be "Burma Bazaar"
53. Kanyakumari Ocean's11
54. Trichy 128
55. Tanjore Thangams
56. TrichyTerrors
57. Nanha Jaisalmer
58. Surat Sweets
59. Guwahati Mountaineers
60. Cherrapunji Rainmen
61. Srinagar Dals
62. Bhopal Gases
63. Trivandrum Kathakalis
64. Mysore Kings
65. Vizag Steels
66. Nagpur Oranges

Hmmm... So, which one is it going to be. Let's give BCCI some time to think and select one...

Please add on to the list, if I've missed some other franchises.

Hope the BCCI can find the task easier now!


  1. special credits to Alagappan and Somnath for some additions to the list

  2. Thuvax Double-kalakkis!
    coz they can't kalakkufy just once!

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