Thursday, September 16, 2010

BagraTRIVIA 16

X was born in the country of A, where his father was a first class level cricketer. When X was 8, his family moved to the country B. X was an extremely talented leg spinner, and was coached by his father (who actually wanted X to become a batsman). X made it to the side of junior level cricket at every age-level, and at the age of 12, was the youngest to represent his club in an u-15 match. But by the time he was 15, his growth of nearly 1 foot made him lose touch with his bowling, and he had to give it up, and turn to batting as his day job. At the age of 22, he made his debut against WI, but was dropped from the side after the series. 3 years later, he was recalled again, and dropped. 3 years later, he was recalled again to join the side that was to tour A. And he proved his selectors right, by posting good numbers, bagging a man of the match, and the eventual man of the series award. 3 years later, he became the first captain of mixed-origin. He had the 3rd most number of tests as a captain, and was one of the most revolutionary of all to have captained B. After 8 years of captaincy, he stepped down himself, for a poor show in the world cup, and retired within a year. This famous man is still associated with cricket, even after his retirement from all forms of the game. Who is X ?

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