Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Repairing the track called 'Cricket'

Its been less than a week since the Mumbai massacre, and the whole bandwagon of cricket in India is in ruptures.

England had earlier called off their tour midway through the One Day series, in the wake of the disastrous events, and returning back anytime soon was not on their minds. BCCI has assured the English team utmost safety while urging them to return back for the test series in different venues. After a long discussion, with many ifs and buts, the BCCI has shifted the venues to Chennai and Mohali, instead of Ahmedabad and Mumbai respectively. ECB is happy with the venues, but the report from their security advisor awaits. Former England cricketers have advised Pietersen and co. to continue with the tour of India. This will be a gesture from the cricketing world that no cowardly act can shackle cricket, and the show will go on...(picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost :-) !!!). Captain Pietersen, initially didn't want to return, but now is willing. The close friends, Flintoff and harmison want to stay out, and spend time with their family, for genuine reasons, as is obvious. Anderson, the going-to-be father, wants to be home this holiday season with his wife. ECB has told the team that they can opt out if they want, and will not be penalised, but assured them that they'll be provided good security in India. As of now, ECB is busy getting the team their kits ready in time. The team's original kits were inside hotel The Taj Mahal, which looks like a graveyard now, after the 60 hour long battle in Mumbai attack.

After the attacks, India's tour of Pakistan in January is under some doubt. The team, I believe is willing to tour, but the National security adviser's team and the centre will take a decision on it. Hopefully, a positive one. Pakistan needs cricket to go on in their country. Legendary Pakistani fast bowler, Wasim Akram wants an India-Pakistan test match in Mumbai to show the world that cricket is not afraid of terror, and that India & Pakistan will go hand in hand to prove it. Asia Cup was held excellently well. I feel they will be able to provide good security this time too. But again, due to the incidents happening around nowadays, its not easy to decide.

The Champions League Twenty-20 is postponed indefinitely. Finding a window for this tournament early next year is becoming difficult, with many series involving most of the teams will be underway.

A meeting has been called by the ICC to discuss the World Cup 2011, to be hosted by the Indian Subcontinent. Taking into considerations the recent terror strikes, some felt that it may not be safe for the subcontinent to host the even. I feel that the tournament has a long way to go and there is enough time for the preparation, which will be done in good time. Things will go as slated, and the tournament will be a grand success. Nevertheless, ICC will meet in the coming week and make a conclusion. If not the subcontinent, then, Australia and New Zealand will be hosting the World Cup '11.

Only time will tell.

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