Saturday, June 14, 2008

NBA 2007-2008 Finals

This time, in the finals, Celtics face off against Lakers. Till now, 4 games have been played and Celtics are reigning supreme, the form they have been carrying from the regular season is seen here.

Game 1, Boston
Celtics romped home a 10 point victory with Lakers’ worst score in their Finals’ history. The Big 3 fired for the Celtics, and Kobe was looking for support and Lakers in all, had a very poor FG percentage and gave away too many fouls when it mattered the most. 3rd quarter rampage was Celtics’ point of authority.

Game 2, Boston
Celtics edged out Lakers in a close, 100+ points game. Celtics averted a LA surge in the 4th quarter to hold on to their lead. Again, Kobe was quiet, Gasol not at his best. Interesting point was when Perkins injured his team-mate, Pierce early in 2nd half and when he returned; he stole the show with 15 flawless points in 3rd quarter to push Lakers out of the game. Powe was the surprise package with 21 points in 15 minutes! Wow! What was he eating in the bench. The loudest arena of NBA became louder! Now, the Finals’ moves to LA for the next three games.

Game 3, Los Angeles
Finally, something came the Lakers’ way. Lakers tasted victory in sweet fashion, smoothly riding to victory on Kobe, Vujacic, Fisher and Gasol’s combined efforts. They were lacking Odom’s contribution, who had committed too many fouls too early in the 3 finals yet. The Celtics Big3 were not firing at all, and it was down to Rajon Rondo to bring the Celtics some pleasure.

Game 4, Los Angeles
As a Lakers fan, I was shocked to see that the LAL surrendered to the visitors so meekly, one may just wonder how they entered the Finals! The Lakers had 21 point first quarter lead, and also a 24 point lead in the 2nd quarter. But the result – Celtics win by 5 in what seemed like a meteorical surge in scoring after the 1st quarter. Celtics had their lead for the first time in the game when only 4 minutes were left in the game, and they didn’t let it go. Pierce and Posey played excellent part in Celtics’ chase to cut down the lead. Odom struck form early into the game, but after 1st half, Lakers seemed to have relaxed just a bit too much.

Lakers seem to have surrendered the title to the Celtics in the game’s biggest rivalry, last seen with Lakers beating the Celtics twice in ’85 and ’87. Before that, it was Celtics conquering the Lakers, not once, not twice, but 8 times!!!

So, now, game 5 will tell if Lakers can show something better to stop Celtics in the 2nd half, and if Kobe magic can be seen again in 4th quarter.

Game 5, Los Angeles
Lakers pull one back to make it 3-2. Kobe made a decent scoring, but more contributions came from Odom, Gasol and Fisher. The Celtics were resurgent once again and almost had a runaway in the 2nd half, but, Lakers finally pulled their defense up to hold on to their lead which they lost once. The Celtics had foul-trouble with KG, Pierce and Posey having committed 5 fouls each with more than 3 minutes to go in the game. They played safe but, couldn’t seal the season at the Staples Centre. Ray Allen, Posey and Pierce were in a good scoring flow in the 2nd half. Kobe was good in 1st quarter, with 4 3pts.
History has it that no team has won trailing 1-3. We now move to Boston to see if history remains unaltered or not!

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